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what is solpunk?

Solpunk is a gathering event where people meet and share space for workshops, discussions and knowledge sharing on many different topics directly or indirectly connected to what we perceive as solarpunk culture, technology and life.

Solpunk is self-organized and co-created. Caring is central to making solpunk happen. We care for each other, our environment and the resources we use.

in other words?

Solpunk is a gathering for anyone interested in creating anything solarpunk with others!

What does that actually mean? Is it an un-conference? Is it a festival? Is it just some punks in a field? A wise guess is that people here are interested in many of the following things:

Lowtech and community tech, energy reduction and renewables, sharing resources, temporary nomadic community, dancing, alternative economy, creating a just future, hackathons, dumpster diving, opensource hardware, software and production, means of care and solidarity, community

Solpunk operates according to the following principles:

There was a Solpunk gathering in '21 at the grounds of the Myselium Collective, in '22 at Arbejdsfællesskabet Åkilde and in '23 on a farm close to Malmö.

Some of the workshops in '22 was composting, utopia & seeds #2, conflict deescalation, 90s eurodance trance party, plant tatoo party, dumpster diving all the things, apple cider punk, homebirth 101, black diaper baby ama, crowdfunding free housing, quantum computing, scuttlebutt intro, climbing the chimney, paper making and more and all the connections and meetings happening in between it all.

It's a great opportunity to learn, experience and share. So bring your projects, make a workshop!

in yet other words? ;)

Solarpunk is what we practice.

For even more words on what solarpunk can be, see this.

when, where and how?

Time and place

19th-25th of August 2024.

Alte Hölle near Berlin, Germany.

Resources and money

How do we make this happen? Share knowledge, goods, logistics and so on. Expenditures from money, and so we share in the end of the gathering. So a mix between donation based, temporary shared economy. Give what you can, use what you need, we do this together.

who are we?

Who and how - are - we? We are a group doing this together, and we want to learn how to do things together. If you want to tag along, you are in the group. We are we.